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Technology should serve humanity. Not the other way around.
We’re building a new kind of search engine with more privacy, no ads, in-depth results including content from social media, and innovative apps that make your life better.

Introducing apps.

Access a more personalized, better focused, and insanely helpful experience with apps.

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We redesigned the display for search to help you find more and save time.

Your privacy matters.

Whether you are in personalized or private mode, we’ll never sell your data.

Search less. Do more.

We believe its time to transform search into a new experience designed for you.

Since when did search take so much work to find results? Every result should be easy to find and trustworthy.

With an expert team of engineers, scientists, and designers, specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, we are building new technology to better serve and evolve with you.


Who We Are

Richard Socher

Founder & CEO

Richard previously served as the Chief Scientist and EVP at Salesforce. Before that, Richard was the CEO/CTO of AI startup MetaMind, acquired by Salesforce in 2016. Richard received his Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford, where he was recognized for his groundbreaking research in deep learning and NLP. He was awarded the Distinguished Application Paper Award at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2011, the 2011 Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Award, a Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellowship in 2012 and a 2013 “Magic Grant” from the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, and the 2014 GigaOM Structure Award. He also served as an adjunct professor in the computer science department at Stanford. Outside of work, Richard enjoys paramotor adventures, traveling, and photography.

Bryan McCann

Co-founder & CTO

Bryan McCann previously served as a Lead Research Scientist at Salesforce Research working on Deep Learning and its applications to Natural Language Processing (NLP). He authored the first paper and holds the patent on contextualized word vectors, which eventually led to the transfer learning revolution in NLP with BERT and other transformer-based architectures for contextualized word vectors. Bryan’s work comes out of a deep philosophical interest in meaning and the desire to use AI to complement human creativity, inspire new thoughts, and ultimately develop tools for more fulfilling lives. He received his M.S and B.S in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) and B.A in Philosophy at Stanford.

What we value


Right now, the internet is not a place of trust. With your search results are powered by your choice, not by the highest bidder.


Differing opinions and diverse thought help us become smarter and more attuned to new points of view. Our work is focused on offering a myriad of sources so you can form your own opinion.


We’ve built you for people to search the internet how they want to, from sources they trust, and for their privacy to be sacred. We will never track you around the web, or sell your data. You’re welcome to use our service for free. We purposefully serve up different sources and outlooks to promote empathy and explore nuance.

User Success

You are not the product. Search doesn’t have to be just one thing, nor does it have to have one flat business model that makes the customer pay with their privacy and time. We get you where you want to go fast so you can search less and find more.

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The End Of Google’s Dominance?

FAQ allows you to bring the best parts of the internet into your search experience. makes it faster than ever to translate an intent into an action, a question into an answer. gives people back their most precious resource — time. The people who use will get to spend time on things that matter most to them— their hobbies, their families, and their communities. We believe in bringing more trust, kindness and facts to the internet.

Our aim is to make your life easier by summarizing the web for you, eliminating the need to open multiple tabs. We’ll also allow you to define your preferred sources and, whenever possible, show you results from the sources you prefer first — saving you time. Also, we don’t have any ads, so you always see the most relevant results for your query in the web results. gives you the option to choose between a truly customized search experience or an entirely private one. Our incognito mode offers the most private search experience of any search engine. In incognito mode, does not track your IP address or record even anonymized queries.

While we do have to send anonymized query data to Microsoft, it comes from the IP address, so it doesn’t have any connection to you. Whether you’re in incognito mode or personalized mode, never sells your data to advertisers or follows you around the rest of the internet.

If you’re not in incognito mode, we do send your IP address to partners to get localized results, for example when you’re searching for “restaurants near me” or “weather”. You want the restaurants that are actually near you, or the weather that’s where you are. We do send the minimum amount of information needed to get you the best results — which is your IP address. If you don’t want that, you need to be in incognito mode and rephrase your query. That is the difference between convenience in personalized mode, where we make it easy for you, and incognito mode. currently has no ads. None of the results you’re seeing get preferential treatment due to advertising. We will try to avoid ads for as long as we can. We will never follow you around the internet or sell your data. We may have query dependent ads in the future: You look for an air compressor – you may see an air compressor ad. But it won’t be linked to you or invade your privacy. currently gets revenue through affiliate links. We earn a part of the profit for some of the products in our catalog.

Affiliate relationships do not affect the way we display or rank products in any way.

Setting your preferred sources allow us to rank your search results according to your preferences. You will always get a list of all the results that are relevant to your query, whether you’ve preferred sources or not. offers a default list of sources with the aim of balancing popularity, comprehensiveness and ease of use. We can’t show every source since that would be overwhelming.’s default news sources list is based on research from AllSides. Given a core company value of “facts”, our team chose to display more neutral sources in the list.

Don’t see a source you like? You can always search for sources in the Preferred Sources modal that aren’t displayed in the default list. You’ll find we have a huge variety of sources to select from for web, shopping, news and more.

Feel free to suggest sources for to add to our list by contacting the team at [email protected]

SafeSearch filters webpage results for adult content. The default is Moderate, which returns webpages with adult text, but not adult images or videos. The Off mode returns webpages with adult text and images, and the Strict mode filters out any webpage with adult text, images, or videos.

It’s based on a combination of relevancy and your personal preferences if you’ve set them.

We’re currently working on that system a bunch.

That’s a great suggestion. We’ll add it to our roadmap if it’s not already on there.
Here are a couple of cool examples that are coming in the future:

– Stocks
– Github
– Sports

It might change the results for some of the integrations. Weather for instance may not know where you are.

We’ll roll out personal pages in a few months. Joining’s private beta will help you be higher on the list to get your username first. Stay tuned; we’ll ping you in the next few months.

The Chrome extension only changes your default search engine – it has no other permissions. aims to make your life easier and save you time by summarising the web for you, and creating a customisable search experience with the option to preference sources to your unique likes and dislikes. The core values of are kindness, facts and trust. With our focus on privacy and keeping your data safe comes trust. We want to bring kindness by bringing the best parts of the web to you. This kindness comes from the current lack of ads on our platform, and our focus on creating a truly unique experience that will save you time and make your search experience simpler and better.

Personalize your search.
No ads. Quality results.