!Bang shortcuts are now available on you.com

!ibang shortcuts for faster searching on You.com

Searching just got a lot faster on You.com with the addition of !bangs, which are shortcuts that let you jump directly to a specific website’s search page.

Watch the video below to start using !bangs:

To use !bangs, go to the search bar on You.com, type the bang/exclamation mark (!) followed by a letter, combination of letters, or the name of the site you want to search and with or without your query appended.

For example, typing “!w Albert Einstein” will take you to the results page for Albert Einstein on Wikipedia, or just typing “!w” will take you to Wikipedia’s search page.

To use bangs in the address bar, you’ll need to add You.com as your default. Our Chrome extension is privacy-preserving and has no read access.

There are more than 13,000 !bangs already in existence. You can look up the !bang for a specific site in the search bar by typing “!” followed by the site’s name you’d like to search. We’ve included some examples below.

13,000 bang shortcut inventory in you.com
13,000 bang shortcut inventory in you.com

To learn more, click here.

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