!Bang Search Shortcuts

Use Bang Search Shortcuts For Faster Results.

What Are Bangs?

A bang search shortcut or “bang” or simply “!” is an easy way to do a quick search on another website.

Simply type a “!” followed by the site you wish to search. 

As an example, “!w” is a bang for Wikipedia.

Bangs work like shortcuts that send your search terms to other search engines. 

For example, if you type !w Albert Einstein into the search box on you.com and hit enter, we’ll take you directly to a search for that topic on Wikipedia.

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How To Use Bangs?

Bring the power of search to your address bar.

Set your default search engine to you.com and start searching faster.

Then type a bang search shortcut directly into your URL bar, e.g. !a Rollerblades to search for Rollerblades on Amazon, without visiting the site first.

Search less, find faster with bangs.