Introducing The AI Search Assistant for Chrome That Meets YOU Where You Are

We’re thrilled to introduce AI Search Assistant for Chrome, a way of searching with that meets you where you are and enhances your search experience without replacing it. And if you already have as your default, this is another way to take with you on any webpage.

Designing the Future of AI-Powered Search with YOU

designing the future of ai-powered search with you

The potential of generative AI is far beyond what mainstream search engines can currently offer, as their queries only represent a fraction of the possible searches that could be made. wants to change that, bringing a new realm of search possibilities that was previously considered unattainable to all users — FOR FREE, IMMEDIATELY.

Get Discovered by Millions on YOU Open Platform for Search

We define search apps as sections in the results page that provide useful content and actions, that users can vote on and which everyone can build into an open platform. That is what we are announcing today: the beginning of an open, equitable, feature-rich, fair platform that allows everyone to contribute to a new kind of internet portal for millions of users.