A Smarter AI Assistant: Introducing Personalization on You.com

You.com introduces Personalization with “Smart Learn” to offer better answers that help you get more done.

We are on a mission to improve your ability to accomplish more. That’s why You.com gives you a personal AI assistant that helps you accomplish more every day — not that onerous old search experience where you have to sift through a sea of links to find answers you need. From writing to coding to creating and learning to just searching online, You.com helps you accomplish even more with the introduction of Personalization.

Why personalization?

The challenge with existing search engines, AI chatbots, and Large Language Models (LLMs) is that they often miss the mark in providing the best, most relevant answers to your specific queries. Personalization at You.com is our solution to this problem. It aims to offer tailored responses relevant to you, your interests, knowledge level, and preferences.

Smart Learn

One of the standout features of Personalization is “Smart Learn.” As you interact more with our AI assistant, it learns about your preferences and habits, providing increasingly better and tailored responses over time. It’s designed to respect your privacy, too, steering clear of sensitive topics like personal health queries.

Privacy-centric approach

We’re aware that personalization can raise privacy concerns. That’s why we have designed this feature with a strong commitment to privacy and transparency.

When signed into your You.com account, whenever our system identifies a query that might include personal details about you and has the potential to enhance your future interactions, a special ✨ icon will appear. This is our way of maintaining transparency, letting you know that the system has remembered a personal fact.

Clicking on the Personalization icon will allow you to view your personalized profile and make adjustments as you see fit. Whether it’s editing a particular fact, deleting information, or even deactivating Personalization and Smart Learn features altogether, the control is in your hands. You can manage your Personalization experience anytime, ensuring your AI assistant works for you.

Personalization in action

To help illustrate the power of Personalization, our CEO, Richard Socher, shared some relatable scenarios in the video above:

  • If you inquire about hiking trails and later ask for travel recommendations for Hawaii, You.com will remember your love for hiking and suggest relevant trails.
  • If you express interest in museums and later plan a trip to Paris, expect tips on the city’s best museums.
  • If you mention owning a Jeep and later need advice on changing tires, the assistant will recall your vehicle type to provide accurate guidance.

Get started today

Initially, Personalization was a feature available only to YouPro members for early access. We’ve now expanded its availability to all users, while YouPro members continue to benefit from an advanced version featuring a more comprehensive range of characters in their Personalization profiles.

This marks an exciting milestone, but this is just the beginning. The feature is currently in beta. We invite you to share your feedback to help us refine and enhance this feature.

Join the conversation on our Discord channel. If you’re interested in contributing to the development of Personalization on You.com, explore career opportunities with us.

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