Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is is an AI Assistant that makes you more productive, creative, and extraordinary. is personalized, truthful, accurate, and transparent. It can provide the best answers and help you achieve tasks, from everyday queries to complex challenges. was founded by leading AI research scientists Richard Socher, the former Chief Scientist of Salesforce and the third most-cited researcher in natural language processing and one of the TIME100 AI honorees for 2023, and Bryan McCann, a lead research scientist at Salesforce Research specializing in deep learning and NLP. Named one of Time’s “Best Inventions” in 2022 and one of Fortune’s 50 AI Innovators in 2023, was the first search engine to offer a consumer-facing LLM with real-time internet access for factual, verifiable and up-to-date responses, and recently debuted powerful AI Modes — Smart, Genius, Research, and Create — offering answers with unparalleled accuracy, transparency, and citations in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

    Recognized as one of the most popular generative AI tools globally, extends these advancements to other LLMs and AI chatbots, bringing trust, accuracy, and transparency with real-time web access and news through its YOU API offering — the first full web index built for LLMs — as well as a production-ready YOU LLM OS.’s core values are trust, facts, kindness, and user success.

  • What do I use for?

    As a personalized AI Assistant, is capable of performing tasks ranging from quick information retrieval, writing essays, debugging code, conducting research, creating digital art, solving complex problems, and more.

    Sign up and start chatting. 

Account Management

  • How do I make my default?

    There are instructions for every browser here. (Unfortunately, Safari doesn’t let you properly change your default to

    Also, after you make your default, your browser may suggest to “Change it back.”

    Please click on “Keep it.” 🙂 

  • How do I make my home page?

    To make your home page on Chrome:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Click on Appearance.
    3. Enable Show home button.
    4. Select Enter custom web address and enter

    You should now be able to click on the home icon to go to

  • How do I cancel my YouPro subscription?

    To cancel your YouPro subscription, please follow these guidelines:

    1. Go to your user settings on (the three dots in the bottom left corner across from your avatar).
    2. Select "All settings..." under "Quick settings"
    3. Locate Purchases for managing subscriptions.
    4. Click the "Manage Your Subscriptions" button.
    5. Choose the option to cancel your YouPro subscription.

    Please keep in mind the following when canceling:

    • Access Post-Cancellation: You will retain access to YouPro features until the end of your current billing cycle.
    • Auto-Renewal: By canceling, you are opting out of the automatic renewal of your subscription.
    • Refund Policy: Canceling your subscription does not result in a refund for the unused portion of the billing period.

    It’s important to cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle if you do not wish to continue using YouPro. 

  • How can I delete my account?

    To delete your account, please follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to by clicking the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner.
    2. Go to your user profile by visiting, or clicking over to your user settings on (the three dots in the bottom left corner across from your avatar) and selecting "All settings..." under "Quick settings". 
    3. Click “Manage Profile”.
    4. Select the “Delete Account” link.
    5. Confirm your decision to delete your account.

    Please note: Deleting a account is permanent. Once deleted, your data is not stored anywhere, so this action cannot be reversed, and your data cannot be recovered. 

  • How can I see my chat history?

    To view your chat history in

    1. Navigate to the chat interface.
    2. Click on the clock 🕓 icon located in the upper left.
    3. This will open your previous chat history. Here, you can:
    • Resume past chats.
    • Delete specific chat conversations.
    • Share transcripts of your chats.

    This feature allows you to easily manage and revisit your past interactions for reference or continuation of earlier topics. 

  • How can I change my password?

    To change your password on

    1. Log out of your account if you are currently signed in.
    2. Go to the login page.
    3. Click on the “Don’t remember your password?” link.
    4. Enter the email address associated with your account.
    5. Follow the instructions sent to your email to reset your password.

    This process will allow you to set a new password for your account securely. 

Features and Services

  • How does make money? employs a multi-faceted approach to revenue generation, focusing on:

    1. Private Ads: We run private ads that are designed to respect user privacy.
    2. YouPro: Users can subscribe to YouPro, our premium AI assistant, which includes advanced features and capabilities beyond the standard version. YouPro subscribers can also elect to disable private ads by going to and clicking on settings.
    3. APIs: We offer a comprehensive suite of APIs for teams of all sizes developing LLMs and AI chatbots. Learn more at
  • What is Private Mode on, and how does it work?

    Private Mode on offers a secure and confidential way to use our AI assistant, ensuring your activities remain private.

    Here’s how to enable it:

    1. Activating Private Mode: Click on the three dots across from your user avatar in the bottom left corner of the interface and toggle on Private Mode.
    2. Privacy Features in Private Mode:
    • Your queries, preferences, and locations are not recorded, ensuring your interactions are private.
    • Localized queries will not work, as your location is not tracked.
  • What is Grepper, and how can I use it?

    Grepper is query-and-answer platform acquired by for developers to easily find, share, and store code snippets. It integrates directly into web searches, including on, providing quick and relevant coding solutions. You can use Grepper on by searching for coding queries; Grepper's solutions will appear at the top of the search results in both the web results tab and's AI chat. This integration is part of's commitment to enhancing the developer search experience by combining community-driven knowledge with AI assistance. Download the Chrome extension here

  • What are AI Modes on

    AI Modes on help you optimize your AI experience, each tailored to different needs and tasks to provide the best answers.

    • Smart Mode: Available for free and unlimited use, Smart Mode is perfect for quickly completing tasks, creating content, accessing the latest news, and generating live web results.
    • Genius Mode: For tackling complex, multi-step challenges, Genius Mode brings together advanced tools like code execution, image generation, comprehensive searching, data visualization, and conversational flexibility. Genius Mode also allows for file uploads (PDFs, text, image, etc.)
    • Create Mode: Transform any idea into a stunning AI image with unlimited styles. No need to use input commands like “draw” or “create.”
    • Research Mode: Research Mode is ideal for creating analyses and comparisons with extensive citations. also offers a Custom Model Selector where users can test and compare different large language models, such as GPT-4 and Claude 2.

    Upgrading to YouPro unlocks unlimited usage of Genius, Research, Create, and GPT-4.

  • What is the Custom Model Selector, and how do I access it?

    The Custom Model Selector on allows users to access, test, and compare different large language models (LLMs) side by side in one place. This tool makes it easy to evaluate each model's capabilities without the need to navigate multiple platforms or manage multiple subscriptions.

    To access the Custom Model Selector, follow these steps:

    1. Scroll to the AI Modes at the bottom of your interface, which features Smart, Genius, Research, and Create.
    2. The third mode, typically GPT-4 by default, will display a downward arrow (🔽). This indicates more options are available.
    3. Click on this arrow to open a pop-up with a list of AI models, such as GPT-4 Turbo, Claude Instant, Claude 2, Gemini Pro, and Zephyr (Uncensored)—all enhanced by's AI.
    4. Pick your desired model from this list to chat with it. You can change your selection anytime, allowing for comparing the models' capabilities. 
  • How do I access the Zephyr-Mistral LLM model for uncensored chat on typically employs proprietary commercial Large Language Models (LLMs) to power the AI on our site. These models are known for producing high-quality text and driving sophisticated features, with advanced moderation tools integrated to ensure output remains appropriate and Safe For Work (SFW).

    However, when users set their Safe Search to 'Off', these moderation features might be overly restrictive, leading to instances where may not summarize search results or may experience a reduction in functionality.

    For users who opt for the “Safe Search: Off (uncensored chat)” setting, switches to a less-censored, open-source LLM. Currently, we are utilizing the Mistral 7B model, specifically the Zephyr 7B alpha model, which is an instruct fine-tune of Mistral. We aim to keep this choice updated with the best open-source models available. This LLM adheres to what can be described as “community standards” across the web, meaning it may still refuse some queries, but less frequently than commercial models. Using an open-source model also allows to apply our moderation to modify its default behavior if needed.

    It's important to note that if you request Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content from this LLM, it will likely provide such content, similar to other search engines with Safe Search turned off.

    While the open-source model is less censored than our regular commercial AI, it is also less powerful and may produce lower-quality text with more errors. We recommend not using the Safe Search Off setting as your default. Instead, switch to it only when necessary, like when encountering refusals from our regular AI.

    To remind you of this setting, we've added a notification at the end of its outputs, indicating that you are using the less-censored LLM option.

  • What APIs does offer?

    The YOU API is a suite of tools designed to improve the output of large language models (LLMs) and AI chatbots by grounding them in the most recent, accurate, and relevant information available via web search. It addresses key LLM challenges, such as hallucination, lack of credible sources, and outdated responses. offers three API endpoints:

    1. Web Search Endpoint: Provides extensive, relevant web search snippets for accurate LLM responses.
    2. News Endpoint: Delivers the latest news results for applications dependent on current events.
    3. Web LLM Endpoint: End-to-end solution that combines our Web Search with an LLM, enhancing factual accuracy and reducing hallucinations in responses.

    To get your API keys, visit To learn more, visit the API FAQ

  • How can I create AI art on

    Creating AI-generated art on is straightforward and fun. You have several AI art creation options:

    1. Create Mode: Go to Create Mode on and transform any idea into stunning AI art without using input commands such as “draw” or “create.”
    2. Genius Mode: You can also create AI art using Genius mode. Here, use an input command and enter your prompt for stunning AI image creation.
    3. Using Visit, select a model and a preset style, and then describe the image you want to create. The AI will generate the art based on your description.
    4. Through AI chat interface: Use the command @draw or /draw in the AI chat interface on This will bring up the image generator directly in the chat.

    These tools provide a seamless way to create unique and personalized AI art based on your specific instructions or creative vision. 

  • What is Personalization and how does it work?

    Personalization on is a feature that tailors responses to your interests, expertise, and preferences.

    • Privacy and control: When you see the ✨ (sparkle) icon, it indicates that it’s picked up a personalized detail. You have full control to view, edit, or delete this data, or to deactivate Personalization entirely.
    • Smart Learn: When you enable “Smart Learn,” as you interact with the AI assistant, it learns your preferences, ensuring more relevant and customized answers over time.
    • Real-world application: Personalization considers your interests in providing suggestions. For example, if you like hiking, you might receive hiking-related travel recommendations.

    Personalization is available for everyone, while YouPro members can enjoy a more enhanced Personalization experience. Read more about Personalization on our blog

  • What are the extensions? offers two Chrome extensions. Learn more about them here (flagship) and here (sets as your default search engine) in the Chrome Web Store. These extensions also work for other Chromium-based browsers like Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, and Opera.

    Additionally, we offer extensions for Safari and Firefox as well, which both set as your default search engine on those browsers. 

  • How do I use on WhatsApp?

    Using on WhatsApp is a convenient way to access information and assistance from's AI personal assistant wherever you are.

    Here’s how you can get started:

    1. Add to your contacts: Save the number +1 585-496-8266 (also fun to remember as +1 585 4 YOU COM) to your WhatsApp contacts, or click here. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code posted here.
    2. Send your query: Text your question or prompt to this number on WhatsApp.
    3. Receive instant responses: will respond to your queries instantaneously, providing answers complete with credible sources and web links. The service supports multiple languages so that you can text in your preferred language. 
  • Does have a mobile app?

    Yes, offers a mobile app for iOS and Android

  • Where can I get a referral code for YouPro, and how can I share it?

    You can get a referral code from an existing YouPro subscriber. Visit our Discord channel to get a code from an existing subscriber. To access your unique referral code, go to, click on referrals, and copy your code to invite friends.

  • Do you offer an educational discount for YouPro?

    Yes! Sign up with a valid school email address at through our Plans page. If your school doesn’t have a .edu email domain, complete the form here, or contact us at [email protected].

  • What is YouPro, and what features are included?

    YouPro is an all-encompassing suite of AI tools. Designed for individuals who want to stay at the forefront of AI innovation, YouPro offers cutting-edge features that enhance personal and professional pursuits.

    Features include:

    • Unlimited access to exclusive AI modes Genius, Research, and Create
    • Unlimited AI chat searches (GPT-4)
    • Unlimited AI image generations
    • Unlimited AI writing generations
    • Priority AI chat uptime
    • Early access to APIs & models
    • Enhanced personalization
    • Chat history management

    For more on plans and pricing, visit

    Ad-free: If you’re a YouPro subscriber, you can disable private ads by going to and clicking on settings.


  • How can I join the Discord channel?

    The Discord channel is a great way to provide feedback and have direct communication with the team. You can join here.

  • What is the Ambassador Program and how can I become one?

    The Ambassador Program recognizes and supports AI enthusiasts and experts who share their experiences with the community. It's an international program open to individuals 18 and older.

    How to Become an Ambassador:

    • Application: Apply here to join the program.
    • Term: There's no fixed term; continue as long as you meet quarterly activity requirements aligned with our mission.
    • Eligibility: Must be 18 or older.

    For detailed information about the program, read our brochure here.


  • Who do I contact for support-related inquiries?

    Send any support-related inquiries, product questions, or general feedback to our Member Services team at [email protected]. Be sure to include your name and email address along with a few details of your inquiry.

  • Do you have a press contact?

    If you’re a member of the media, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

    If you’re seeking one of the team members for a speaking opportunity at your conference or event, you can also contact us at [email protected].

  • Are you hiring? How can I join the team?

    Yes! See available jobs at