What are AI modes on You.com?

AI Modes on You.com help you optimize your AI experience, each tailored to different needs and tasks to provide the best answers.

  • Smart Mode: Available for free and unlimited use, Smart Mode is perfect for quickly completing tasks, creating content, accessing the latest news, and generating live web results.
  • Genius Mode: For tackling complex, multi-step challenges, Genius Mode brings together advanced tools like code execution, image generation, comprehensive searching, data visualization, and conversational flexibility. Genius Mode also allows for file uploads (PDFs, text, image, etc.)
  • Create Mode: Transform any idea into a stunning AI image with unlimited styles. No need to use input commands like “draw” or “create.”
  • Research Mode: Research Mode is ideal for creating analyses and comparisons with extensive citations.

You.com also offers a Custom Model Selector where users can test and compare different large language models, such as GPT-4 and Claude 2.

Upgrading to YouPro unlocks enhanced usage of Genius, Research, and GPT-4 modes.