What is You.com?

You.com is an AI Assistant that makes you more productive, creative, and extraordinary.

You.com is personalized, truthful, accurate, and transparent. It can provide the best answers and help you achieve tasks, from everyday queries to complex challenges. You.com’s core values are trust, facts, kindness, and user success.

You.com was founded by leading AI research scientists Richard Socher, the former Chief Scientist of Salesforce and the third most-cited researcher in natural language processing and one of the TIME100 AI honorees for 2023, and Bryan McCann, a lead research scientist at Salesforce Research specializing in deep learning and NLP. Named one of Time’s “Best Inventions” in 2022 and one of Fortune’s 50 AI Innovators in 2023You.com was the first search engine to offer a consumer-facing LLM with real-time internet access for factual, verifiable and up-to-date responses.

Recognized as one of the most popular generative AI tools globallyYou.com extends these advancements to other LLMs and AI chatbots, bringing trust, accuracy, and transparency with real-time web access and news through its YOU API offering — the first full web index built for LLMs — as well as a production-ready YOU LLM OS.