How does the YouPro refer-a-friend program work?

Current, active subscribers of YouPro get a special coupon code: This special code can be given to friends and when used on checkout, both the user who gave the coupon and the user who used the coupon get one month free of YouPro. For the user who just subscribed, this will be a discount from the first time they are charged, typically the first month. For the referrer, they will see the discount referenced in their profile, and the discount will be credited from their invoice the next time they are billed.

Here is an example:

  • I’m subscribed to a yearly plan, and I refer a friend with my coupon code.
  • My friend subscribes to a monthly plan with my code, and gets the first month free (they still pay taxes).
  • The next time my annual subscription is up for renewal, one month will be discounted from my renewal.

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