Hey Neeva Users, You Are Welcome Here

Welcoming Neeva users to You.com to be their new privacy search engine destination

Since arriving on the search engine scene in 2021, You.com has been committed to helping the public find a better way to search, get straightforward answers, and avoid the search rabbit hole. As online privacy becomes a greater concern with each passing year, the need to find a trustworthy search engine becomes paramount.

It is with a heavy heart that we, the team at you.com, acknowledge the departure of Neeva from the alternative search engine landscape. However, we recognize and appreciate the significant strides they’ve made in pushing forward the private search engine industry during their journey to challenge a formidable giant.

But what about the users who enjoyed Neeva’s refreshing perspective and unique offerings? Here at you.com, we are eager to welcome you and delighted to meet you. We are also hopeful that you are not going to go back to the monopolistic search engine that stood up for everything Neeva was fighting against. Instead, we are excited to help you continue your journey in privacy-focused searching. Let’s start this new chapter together!

Browse safely and privately

At the heart of You.com is our commitment to privacy. With our zero-trace private mode, we don’t track your searches, preferences, or location. We also never share or sell your data with anyone. And when you use Private Mode, we use no telemetry!

Make You.com your default search browser

Much like Neeva, you can set you.com to be your default search option. This way, you have immediate access to our chat-first search experience whenever you fire up your browser. In addition to our multi-modal view that lets you visualize your search results, you can also switch the search display to view images, social media, or everything all at once.

You can also take your search experience to another level by installing our Chrome extension where you can select between YouChat and a more-traditional search results view. It’s all about having choices!

Here’s how to easily make You.com your default search engine.

Customize your search

When you personalize You.com to your liking, you can choose the apps most important to you. We will then prioritize those apps for your search results.

Do you rely on Twitter for all of your late-breaking news? You can upvote Twitter in your preferred apps so that your search results will always pull in Twitter information. Don’t have use for StackOverflow? Simply downvote that option and You.com will no longer provide that channel when displaying your search results.

Preferred apps in You.com to customize search

YouChat can help you do more

YouChat, our an all-in-one AI search assistant, now makes You.com the first chat search engine! This opens a world of possibilities for those who want quick answers to questions (with citations!), creative ideas, writing assistance, and so much more!

Here’s just some of the creative ways YouChat can help out:

Get access to delicious recipes! Ask YouChat about a particular recipe and get a detailed list of ingredients, prep and cooking instructions and vivid pictures of the dish to inspire you and your cravings! You can even customize recipes based on dietary restrictions, number of ingredients on hand, tight budgets and more!

YouChat recipe for soft-baked chocolate chip cookies

Enhance your writing: YouChat can help you come up with blog post ideas, outlines for important research papers, professional emails, and even landing page copy. You can also check your sources with citation previews for accuracy and trust!

YouChat 3.0 fact checking - Gulf of Mexico blue hole
YouChat 3.0 fact checking – Gulf of Mexico blue hole

Explore your creativity: Think outside the box! YouChat can help you come up with compelling business ideas, design concepts, complex coding scripts, and can even help you create a complete, customized children’s book!

Customize YouChat with AI apps: Whenever you ask YouChat a question, it will recognize when one of our 150+ apps can help enhance queries and provide a more flourished answer. And with our multi-modal view, you can see additional resources to help you dive deeper into a particular topic.

Check Bitcoin price and resources in YouChat

Save time and increase productivity: Get tips, recommendations, and life hacks to streamline your daily routine and make the most out of your free time. Looking for some inspiration? With these 75 amazing chat prompts, you can save time and learn something new no matter what your interests are.

Join the club…YouClub!

One of the reasons for Neeva’s popularity with their users was being able to have their voices heard in their user community. You.com also puts great stock in our user feedback.

YouClub is our exclusive user community that lets you connect with other developers, provide product feedback, make feature requests, and ask questions you have about any of our products. With over 15,000 members and hundreds of users online at any given time, it’s the place to be to discuss all things You.com and how we can make it your selected search engine home.

Join YouClub, the exclusive Discord community of You.com

Private ads

With You.com’s commitment to user privacy, we only feature private ads in our search results. Private ads don’t gather any personal data or follow users around the Internet, and they only appear based on the words or phrases in a search query.

For instance, if you’re interested in the latest design line of Coach handbags, you’ll see your detailed answer (with citations!), along with a clearly-labeled ad that invites you to check out Coach handbags for purchase. When you click on the private ad, none of your information is stored or shared with anyone.

Comparison between standard search ads and private search ads

We welcome Neeva fans (and others looking for a new way to search) to try out You.com for yourselves, and see if we can help you continue your specific search journey. Check us out today.

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