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for coders who want to save time. for writers who want to be creative. for foodies who want better finds. for scientists who want to discover more. for students who want to learn faster.  for news buffs who want the facts. for shoppers who want to save.  for crypto heads who want realtime data. for travelers who want an experience.

Personalized. Private. Powered by you.

We reimaged the search engine to serve you better. Now you have complete control over how you search while protecting your data.

Introducing search engine apps.

Search beyond web pages with apps, focus your search by a category, or use powerful AI apps that help you code, write, and find the best food delivery deals.

Search as unique as you.

Rank the sources you trust and customize what apps you want to see more results from. Choose a search more: personalized private or zero-trace private.

Your privacy matters.

Regardless what mode you use, we’ll protect your privacy. We’ll never sell your data and we even scramble your IP address without storing identifiable user information.

Build YOU with us.

YOU is an open platform for everyone to make a better internet. Design your own apps and build an ever better search engine with us.


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The people

Sam Barton

Smoothest switch to a new search engine I’ve had yet.

Hussein Lezzaik

Been playing around with for a while when searching for bugs, and I have to say it made my life much easier. Maybe it’s about time we start to see a change in how we access information on the internet.


First time I didn’t get a good result from Google but came to the rescue, the hype is real 🙂

Jen Zhu

My new search engine is making me smarter Brain and more efficient:
– Save time
– Deeper search results
– UI that makes sense – privacy preserving – no ads!!!


Out of the box delivery of results. Clutters the unwanted results. Delivers what’s needed. Must try!

Sidharth Anand

One of the great thing about
is that it massively reduces our time spent on search engines to get that perfect dose of information for our knowledge diet.

let's search

Choose Your Adventure


In short, unlike conventional search engines, protects your privacy while ensuring convenience. We don’t sell your data to advertisers or follow you around the internet. We encrypt all requests, do not store IP addresses, and will never have privacy-invading, targeted ads.We also provide you with the most action-oriented search engine on the planet. With over 150 apps and two modes of operation, personal and private, you can customize your search experience for utmost productivity. Write essays with AI using YouWrite, read summarized shopping editorials in one search on our shopping tab, and search across 9+ social media apps such as Twitter, Reddit, and Quora at once with Social Search by On, you are always in the drivers seat. Use us to take back control of your search.

We are currently focused on building the best possible search experience. We will explore monetization ideas in the future, and we look forward to your feedback in that process. currently has no ads. None of the results you see get preferential treatment due to advertising. We will never have targeted, privacy-invading ads. We will never follow you around the internet or sell your data. We may have private (i.e. query-dependent) ads in the future. For example, if you search for an air compressor, you may see an air compressor ad, but it won’t be linked to you and it won’t invade your privacy. currently gets (a tiny amount of) revenue through affiliate links. We earn a part of the profit for some of the products in the Walmart app. Affiliate relationships do not affect the way we display or rank products in any way, and we plan to keep it that way.

We do not currently have any ads on our platform. We do plan to offer interest-based private ads. For example, if you search for “white shoes” we might show you an ad for white shoes. Ads will never impact the ranking of our results, results will always be based on relevancy of your searches.