An ever better search engine

for coders who want to save time. for writers who want to be creative. for foodies who want better finds. for scientists who want to discover more. for students who want to learn faster.  for news buffs who want the facts. for shoppers who want to save.  for crypto heads who want realtime data. for travelers who want an experience.

An ever better search engine.

For an ever better you.

We reimaged the search engine to serve you better. Experience a powerful search engine that is constantly improving through fast iteration, better privacy controls, and customization.

Privacy matters

We’ll never sell your data, whether you are in personalized or private mode.

No ads. Yes quality.

See quality results in no time. We put you first when it comes to searching.

Fresh design.

Search up, down, left or right across websites and apps to get the most out of your search engine.

Life is easier with apps.

Customize your search by ranking apps. Get the content you want from websites you know. Focus your search with categories. Find extra help with power apps such as YouEat, YouCode, and YouWrite.

Find intelligence anywhere you look.

A search engine with 150+ apps.

We’ll let you take the lead.

A more human search engine.

Search without ads.

Protect your privacy.