How to use’s newest search apps for learning

Newest search apps brain for learning

Disclaimer: This blog post was published prior to’s latest AI advancements and may not reflect our current capabilities. has transformed from a search engine to an AI assistant. With a foundation in search and the team’s AI expertise, was perfectly positioned to enhance LLMs with live access to the Internet to address issues around hallucinations and transparency. As such, is capable of tasks ranging from searching online to writing an essay, debugging code, creating digital art, solving complex problems, and more. Learn more about getting the most out of also offers its core technology through a suite of self-serve APIs. Get complete details about the YOU API.

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Below is a round-up of some of the new search apps you’ll find of the more than 150 existing apps on

🏫 Expand your knowledge by accessing research papers from mathematics and physics to computer science and quantitative biology with the newly-improved Arxiv app that’s now faster than ever thanks to our new AI search systems. Some papers even have links to open source GitHub repositories. Try searching for “transformer neural networks.”

Transformer neural networks example in
Transformer neural networks example in

👩‍🔬 Explore more life sciences papers and research with the new PubMed and bioRxiv apps.

📚 Access some of the most comprehensive summaries on any topic from our new batch of encyclopedia apps including World History, Britannica, Encyclopedia, New World Encyclopedia, Infoplease, and more.

🤔 Find even more content from Plato Stanford (The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) app with the “open side panel” functionality. Try searching for the “meaning of life.”

Understanding the meaning of life through
Understanding the meaning of life through

🗒 Look up definitions right on the search results page with the Merriam-Webster dictionary app.

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