Aspiring developers, here are tips to make you
code faster

We want to let aspiring and entry-level developers in on a secret. Even senior developers search for code online.

Developer queries are often called “tricks,” and they’re not easy to find or understand.

Naturally, these developers turn to Google for all things code search.

But even though it’s the most popular search engine, Google is not optimized for coding searches.

According to one study [1] done on 150,000 Google queries, “code-related searching often requires more effort (e.g., time, result clicks, and query modifications) than general non-code search, which indicates code search performance with a general search engine [Google] is less effective.”

So here’s our take:

To improve your workflow, you need a search engine that’s tuned to your intent. One that finds results only from the relevant sources. So we built YouCode — the best search engine for developers. Available at it searches, sorts, and summarizes web results across 20+ most popular coding websites and repositories including StackOverflow, GitHub, Web3 schools, and Arvix to quickly bring back only the most relevant results.

So aspiring developers, here are our best tricks to search fast and code well with YouCode.

🚪Copy code snippets directly from search results

Whether it’s a “beginner” or a long-tail query, use YouCode’s side panels and click-to-copy apps to find information faster without leaving search results. Try a query: “how to reverse a string in python

✅ Validate JSON inside search results

Copy/paste your JSON into a validator to find any missing brackets and then view an easy-to-read formatted version of the output.

🐈 Reference summarized Github repositories

YouCode summarizes the most valuable information from Github for quick access. No need to dig through blogspam results. Try a query: “redux saga fork vs spawn

🤓 Find relevant courses from Udemy, Coursera and YouTube

Quickly browse and find relevant courses without ads and SEO’d junk so you can learn to build anything. Try a query: “best courses for beginners in python

🧰 Uncover tools/tips/tricks across sites

Automatically discover tools/tips/tricks faster from relevant sites without having to append them in your search query or modify search terms.

🧩 Download the extension for easy access

Search YouCode using our FREE YouCode Visual Studio Code extension so you can stay in the flow.

👉 is a search engine you control. Your sources, your time, and your privacy. YouCode is built on the same principle — upvote/downvote sources you want to see and save time. Search less. Code more.

Go ahead, try it, and let us know your feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s build a better search together!

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