Introducing AI Modes: Elevating How You Use AI on

Discover AI modes on to boost your productivity and creativity. Elevate your AI experience — try them today!

At, our commitment has always been about making an AI assistant that helps you become more productive, creative, and extraordinary.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce AI modes — including Smart, Genius, Research, and Create — designed to deliver answers with unparalleled accuracy, transparency, and citations in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

The introduction of these AI modes makes it easier to experience the vast capabilities of AI, from finding the best answers quickly and visualizing information to creating content and images effortlessly. A key achievement of these new AI modes is the reduced need for excessive prompt engineering, a challenge that often hinders broader adoption of Large Language Model (LLM) proficiency by the general public.

Introducing AI Modes

Smart Mode

Smart Mode, the free default mode on, offers quick, reliable responses with live web access, citations, and sources. Notably, was the first consumer-facing LLM in late 2022 to provide real-time access to the internet, allowing for up-to-date answers with sources and citations.

Prompts to try:

Write a thank-you note after a job interview

Bitcoin price

Best pizza in Brooklyn

Genius Mode

Genius Mode offers multistep computational abilities combined with data visualization through charts and plots and file uploads (PDFs, text, images, etc.), a capability unmatched by any other LLM in the market. What’s more, Genius Mode makes these advanced capabilities accessible and enjoyable for users of all levels when it comes to AI.

Prompts to try:

If you give a baby $5,000 at birth to invest in a no-fee stock index fund and assume a 10% average annual return, how much would they have by age 65? Calculate the same investment for someone starting at ages 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60

What if Bill Gates never sold Microsoft stock?

How many ping-pong balls can fit in a Toyota Corolla?

Prompts to try for file uploads:

📸 Want to summarize a white paper? Upload the PDF and request, ‘Give me five key insights.’

📄 Need to review handwritten math homework? Upload it and ask, ‘Check the answers.’

✅ Unsure about an ingredient? Upload a photo and ask, ‘What is this, and what can I make with it?

Research Mode

Research Mode excels in providing comprehensive yet digestible reports with extensive source citations and references, including for real-time news events. Leveraging’s foundation in web search and indexing, Research Mode delivers more citations with links than simple AI chatbots, providing for unparalleled accuracy and transparency. Additionally, its ability to create comparative tables makes it an ideal tool for tasks like decision-making.

Prompts to try:

Explain the background, action, and consequences of the Peloponnesian war

Create a table for top noise-cancelling headphones that are not expensive

Create Mode

Create Mode transforms any concept into an AI image in an unlimited array of styles or a chart or plot. Envision it as a blank canvas solely dedicated to AI artistry. It eliminates the need for prompt engineering command inputs like “draw” or “create,” making the process more seamless and intuitive.

Prompts to try:

A laptop with 3-D paint splatters all over it

A surreal image of papers peacefully floating up into a golden sky with puffy clouds

In addition to these modes, offers easy access to GPT-4 enhanced with live web access.

Try out the beta version of AI modes today on We’ll add more modes and capabilities in the coming weeks.

Experience more personalized AI interactions with AI modes on

Did you know you can customize your experience on with Personalization and its Smart Learn capability? Learn more about how this feature was built with privacy and transparency in mind.

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