Introducing YouChat 2.0 Unlock the Power of AI with the Search Assistant that Works for You

Since publishing this article, we’ve released YouChat 3.0. Find out about the latest improvements here.

In December 2022, we introduced YouChat, an AI Search Assistant that allows you to find answers to complex questions and unlock functionality never seen before in a search engine. It stays up-to-date with the news, cites its sources, and can replace traditional search engines — and users are loving it!

Now, we are taking YouChat to the next level with more reliable citations, rich media, and featured apps.

Introducing YouChat 2.0.



What’s new in YouChat 2.0?

YouChat 2.0, combines the best of three worlds with C-A-L, our large language model blended with AI-powered conversations, apps, web links and citations. Now, you can chat with our search engine to receive real-time results in various rich-media modalities including charts, images, videos, tables, graphs, text and code.

Currently supported apps include:

    • Finance

    • Crypto

    • What to Watch

    • Wikipedia

    • Recipes

    • YouImagine — AI Image Generator

    • LinkedIn

    • StackOverflow

    • GeeksforGeeks

    • W3Schools

    • MDN



How can YouChat 2.0 supercharge your search?

YouChat is the AI that works for you. Level up your productivity with simple answers to complex questions, dive deep into topics that interest you fast, and get better insight into your queries.



Find precise answers.

Go beyond a text-only output and visualize information and with graphs and charts. For example, easily check stock and crypto prices and ask follow up questions.

Distill complex questions into direct answers with citations and relevant web results.

Learn about people and find social media profiles. If the AI model produces incorrect results due to similar names, use our LinkedIn app and relevant websites to validate information.

What’s coming next?

We will continue to iterate on our multimodal chat experience and add more apps so that users can experience an even more relevant, accurate AI search experience. With YouChat 2.0, our ability to minimize hallucinations and misinformation improved tremendously. We commit to continuously improving our experience, mitigating the production of misinformation. Please feel free to leave us feedback.

We hope you’ll start chatting today!

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