Introducing YouChat — The AI Search Assistant that Lives in Your Search Engine

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A large language model by the name of ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. For many, it’s possibilities seem endless. The AI writes poems, creates games, codes, and even gives dating advice.

In the wake of ChatGPT, experts and users alike have begun to wonder what highly sophisticated, generative AI means for future search. As Rob Toews from Forbes points out, “Why enter a query and get back a long list of links (the current Google experience) if you could instead have a dynamic conversation with an AI agent in order to find what you are looking for?”

The barrier, according to Toews and other experts, is the propensity of large language models for incorrect data. Tools like ChatGPT confidently provide wrong answers, which many worry, could supercharge misinformation and propaganda.

That changes today.

With the introduction of citations and real-time data, has upgraded a large language model for increased relevance and accuracy. It allows you to find answers to complex questions and unlocks functionality never before seen in a search engine.

Meet YouChat — The AI Search Assistant that Lives in Your Search Engine

What is YouChat?

YouChat is a ChatGPT-like AI search assistant that you can talk to right in your search results. It stays up-to-date with the news and cites its sources so that you can feel confident in its answers. Plus, the more you interact with YouChat, the more it improves.

To use it, simply make a query on

How can YouChat assist you?

YouChat allows you to have human-like conversations with your search engine and get the answers you seek fast. It responds when you ask it to complete various tasks. For example, it provides sources, summarizes books, writes code, distills complex concepts, and creates content in any language. Here are some of our favorite use cases:

Learn about recent events

YouChat is the first large language model that can answer questions about recent events.

Answer questions that traditional search engines can’t

e.g. Which city is more populous — Houston or Paris?

YouChat mobile (populous cities)

Solve problems using logical reasoning

Unlike ChatGPT, YouChat excels at logic games. See the following:

YouChat problem solving

Explains complex concepts in simple terms.

Learn with step-by-step answers and simple explanations right in the search results.

Summarize information with relevant sources

Curious about a person or topic? Just ask YouChat.

Get inspired for the new year


Learn a new language

YouChat works in any language. Translate text or speak to it in the language of your choice.

Create the best content

Write stories, blogs, emails or anything else you need.

What’s next?

YouChat is the first upgraded large language model for increased relevancy and accuracy. While biases and AI pitfalls remain an ongoing issue, we will continue to make a concerted effort to minimize and mitigate the production of misinformation. Please feel free to leave us feedback.

We hope you’ll start chatting today!

Since publishing this article, we’ve released YouChat 2.0. Find out about the latest improvements here.

About is the search engine that you control — your choices, your time, and your privacy. With generative features like has established itself as a disruptor of both search and science, providing easy access to the most cutting-edge AI “accomplishment tools” to its users. We combine the power of users’ choices with artificial intelligence and natural language processing to enable people to get back control over their information diet — without the manipulation of big ad tech from past eras of the web. The platform is extensible and developers can build apps that run within the results pages. was founded by Richard Socher, former Chief Scientist at Salesforce and the fourth most-cited researcher in natural language processing, and Bryan McCann, who led natural language processing teams at Salesforce. The company is backed by AI-focused VC fund Radical Ventures, Marc Benioff and Jim Breyer, Day One Ventures, and others.

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