Introducing YouPro: The All-in-One AI Toolkit

YouPro offers GPT-4 access chat searches, unlimited AI chat, AI writing, AI art generations, and more
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Disclaimer: This blog post was published prior to’s latest AI advancements and may not reflect our current capabilities. has transformed from a search engine to an AI assistant. With a foundation in search and the team’s AI expertise, was perfectly positioned to enhance LLMs with live access to the Internet to address issues around hallucinations and transparency. As such, is capable of tasks ranging from searching online to writing an essay, debugging code, creating digital art, solving complex problems, and more. Learn more about getting the most out of also offers its core technology through a suite of self-serve APIs. Get complete details about the YOU API.

What is YouPro?

YouPro is the ultimate AI toolkit, combining our most advanced AI models—YouChat, YouImagine, and YouWrite—into a single subscription plan. It’s the savvy choice for staying on the cutting edge of AI trends and models, offering unparalleled value to level up your personal and professional life.

YouPro subscribers can access the latest GPT-4 technology, experience photorealistic image generation with Stable Diffusion XL, and enjoy priority access to future features.

Learn how easy it is to elevate your AI journey with YouPro — a comprehensive AI solution designed to keep you at the forefront of innovation while delivering exceptional value for the price.

Dive into YouPro features

Unlimited AI chat searches

YouPro users get unlimited access to our cutting-edge AI-chat search engine, YouChat. YouChat is the pioneer conversational AI chatbot that offers natural-sounding accurate explanations, detailed citations, and interactive apps on various topics. Unlike other chatbots, YouChat is a first-of-its-kind chat-first search tool that stays up-to-date with the news and cites sources so that you can feel confident in its answers.

GPT-4 powered YouChat

YouPro users get access to GPT-4 powered YouChat to supercharge their search experience. This premium YouChat provides more detailed and accurate human-like responses across various topics, and is perfect for more complex queries.

Users can toggle between basic and GPT-4 YouChat to make the most of their search experience. YouPro subscribers get 300 GPT-4 queries per day. Make the most of your GPT-4 Chats by using them on more complex questions that require more precision and detail.

Priority AI chat uptime, always

YouPro users get priority availability when demand is high, ensuring YouChat is always at your fingertips. You won’t get bogged down in usage errors interrupting your work productivity or creative flow.

Unlimited AI image generations

With YouPro, users gain unlimited access to YouImagine.* YouImagine is the premier image generation and image-enhancing tool for work and play. It includes the latest models of Stable Diffusion XL, Open Journey, and our new AI Image Resolution Enhance app which now all support four generations per query.

rendering of party dogs using Stable Diffusion XL
YouChat 3.0 exploring “Italian restaurants in Brooklyn”

Unlimited AI writing generations

With YouPro, users gain unlimited access to YouWrite,* an AI-powered writing assistant perfect for helping you generate professional text, no matter your level of experience. Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or just looking for a way to improve your overall writing style, YouWrite can help. Simply input any word, phrase, or sentence into the app and watch as it transforms it into blog posts, landing page copy, professional emails, essays, or more.

get unlimited AI writings with YouWrite, included as part of a YouPro subscription
Understanding prompts for suggested YouChat 3.0 searches

Manage your chat history

YouChat saves generated info privately, visible only to logged-in users. Users can view, share, rename, and delete prior YouChat conversations to enhance their web experience.

Accessing and managing your AI chat history inside YouPro
Uptime improvements (requesting timely responses)

Early access to APIs and new models

Subscribers gain priority access to try out our latest models and APIs. We are constantly improving YouChat, YouWrite, and YouImagine by adding new models to such as Stable Diffusion XL for images and GPT-4 for YouChat. As we expand our API’s capabilities, YouPro subscribers will be the first to access new features. Priority access ensures subscribers stay ahead of AI advances and get the most out of their search, work, and entertainment experiences.

Ready to conquer AI…like a⚡Pro?

What are you waiting for? Check out YouPro today and join us as we redefine search.

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