Introducing YouWrite — an AI writing assistant on

YouWrite by, an AI generative writing tool

We’re excited to let you know about our newest product: YouWrite. It’s an AI writing tool that makes it easy for you to write great content, from emails to blog posts right in your search results. We think it will help you end writer’s block and take your writing skills to the next level.

Here’s how YouWrite works:

🔍 Go to and search “YouWrite” or go directly to ✏️ Select a use case in the dropdown menu. The default is a paragraph, but you can choose from email, social media post, title, screenplay, poem, advertisement, sentence simplifier, blog, and essay. The latter two produce longer results.

🎯 Fill in the “Audience/Receiver” (i.e., CEOs, co-workers, teachers, developers, scientists, foodies, etc.) This is optional.

🎭 Choose a preset tone like neutral, friendly, professional, witty, or persuasive (also optional)

💬 Briefly explain what you want the AI to write about in the text box. You can input a single word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph. (i.e., “explain why dogs are awesome.”)

🤯 Hit “write” and watch the YouWrite AI generate the copy in seconds!

🆕 Once the copy is generated, you can hit “More like this” to see similar but differently worded text samples.

🖨️ Easily copy the content to use it in a blog, essay, email, social media, etc.

🐥 Click “shareable link” to generate a link to post on social media. It would look like this:…

We’re offering ten free tries of YouWrite right now with no sign-up or credit card required. After that, it’s super affordable, starting at only $1 a week!

Let us know what you think about YouWrite and a search engine that helps you get stuff done — Search less. Do more.

Watch a tutorial video below: