Learn the Art of AI Prompting from Music to Finance with 50+ Golden Prompts

collage of 50 mega prompts across multiple targets

Generative AI is taking over the internet, yet 99% of people are unaware of how to unlock its full potential. At You.com we’re determined to give you the formula to go beyond the basics. We’ve curated a collection of 50+ prompts that will help you explore the unique use cases of generative AI and unleash your imagination to come up with even more innovative ways to use YouChat.

Check out the best prompts for:

  • – Music
  • – Content creation
  • – Teaching
  • – Fun
  • – Travel
  • – Finance
  • – Learning
  • – Real Estate

Best prompts for music

  1. Write a song in the style of {artist} about {topic}
  2. What are the lyrics to the song {song title and artist}
  3. Can you help me come up with a concept for a {adjective describing desired tone/mood} song about {topic}
  4. Write a chord progression for a {genre} song and explain each chord
  5. Can you recommend a playlist for me to listen to based on my current mood? I’m feeling {adjective describing mood} and love {genre}

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♬ original sound – Mikey Angelo
prompt to write chord progression for verse, chorus, hook of a pop song then explain each chord

Best prompts for content creation

  1. Generate a creative social media content calendar for {timeframe} for {company/product} about {topic} on {channels}
  2. Generate a list of 5 article ideas about {product/topic}
  3. Generate 5 catchy titles for onboarding email series about {product}
  4. Create short and long-tail keywords for a blog about {description}
  5. Write a script for a 60-second TikTok video advertising {product description}
prompt for script for 60 second TikTok video ad about AI

Best prompts for teaching

  1. Generate a 20 line fill-in-the-blank worksheet for students studying {subject} to learn about {topic}
  2. Explain the meaning of {word} and use it in a sentence
  3. What are some fun, interactive activities I can do with my {grade-level} students to teach about {topic}
  4. Create a lesson outline for a lesson about {topic}
  5. Create 10 review questions about {topic} for {grade-level}
  6. Come up with 5 fun review session activities to help students prepare for a midterm about {topic}
prompt for 20 line fill-in-the-blank worksheet for subject-verb agreement
prompt for 5 fun review session activities to help students prepare for subjunctive in French midterm

7. Can you help me create a writing prompt for my students? I’d like you to start a story about {topic}
8. I need help understanding my students. What is “{word}” in slang?
9. Write an email reminding parents to sign up for {event} before {date}

Best prompts for fun

  1. What are 10 unique games I can play at {event}
  2. Tell me a knock-knock joke
  3. Give me party ideas for {event type}
  4. Create trivia questions and answers about {topic}
  5. What are gift experience ideas for {person} who enjoys {activities}
  6. Fun meal ideas with {person}. They love {cuisine type} and are allergic to {ingredients}
  7. Give me options for “Would you rather”
  8. Give me interesting questions for “21 Questions”
10 unique baby shower games
10 unique baby shower games
party ideas for join Halloween and 28 year old birthday party
meal ideas for boyfriend who loves Jamaican food but has peanut allergy

Best prompts for travel

  1. Plan a $2,000 7-day trip in {city}. Give me resort suggestions and an itinerary
  2. What are the best airlines in {country}
  3. How does tipping work in {location}
  4. Pros and cons of staying in hostels, Airbnbs, and hotels
  5. Give me unique budget tips for travel
prompt how does tipping work in Spain
give me unique budget tips for travel
plan a $2000 7-day Tulum trip with itinerary

Best prompts for finance

  1. What should I use my tax refund for?
  2. What is the price of {stock name/ticker symbol}?
  3. What is a Roth IRA and how does it work?
  4. What are different investment options and what are their tax implications?
  5. How can I create a budget and stick to it?
  6. What are commonly recommended S&P 500 Index Funds for beginners?
  7. What is the definition of {financial term}?
Most common recommended S and P 500 Index Funds for beginners

Best prompts for learning

  1. Teach me about {subject} like I’m a middle schooler
  2. Summarize this article in bullet points {url}
  3. What are 5 healthy snacks can I eat when studying and what are their benefits
  4. Can you give me a rundown of 5 types and examples of mnemonic devices
  5. Create a sample practice exam for a 12th grade probability class
  6. Can you help me learn some basic {language} vocabulary for travel
  7. What is the pronunciation of {word}
help me learn basic Spanish vocabulary for travel
how to pronounce the word epitome
summarize this Economist article about artificial brains
5 healthy snacks to eat while studying with their benefits

Best prompts for real estate

  1. Offer a comprehensive guide to home financing options
  2. Write a listing description for this home in {city}. It has {# of bedrooms and bathrooms}, is located on {description of street and neighborhood}. It has {details on amenities}.
  3. Write a phone script for a real estate agent to negotiate an offer with a seller
  4. Tell me about {neighborhood}
  5. Write me a customizable offer letter so that I can win a bidding war
comprehensive guide to home financing options
Sample listing description for 3 BR 2 BA New Orleans house with many amenities
prompt to write a phone script for real estate agent to negotiate offer with seller

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