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There’s a handsome bald man

With a goatee and a chiseled face

He’s viewing artworks at the MoMA

And his eyes are filled with grace

The paintings are contemporary

But he seems to understand

The intricate and stunning details

Make him feel like he’s in another land

He’s looking at a painting by Adrian Ghenie

And he’s admiring the skill

The way the light hits the canvas

Is just so incredibly thrill

Then he moves on to a work by Saville

And he’s blown away by the coloring

The way the hues are so vibrant

Is just simply astonishing

He’s taken in by the artwork here

And he’s glad that he came

To experience these brilliant pieces

By artists of such great fame

Art by YouImagine, Poem by YouWrite

We are witnessing the birth of a new artistic movement.

AI Art is here to stay.

In the past couple of years, the world has seen an emergence of text-to-image creative artificial intelligence applications. Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2 by OpenAI, and Midjourney are producing out-of-this-world AI art, generating everything from stunning photorealistic renderings to ever-improving recreations of Renaissance art. The diversity of their outputs is jaw-dropping and thought-provoking.

These AI art applications expand human creativity and transform the ways in which art is made. Sougwen Chung uses AI art to understand the dynamics of humans and systems. Joy Buolamwini, an algorithmic justice activist, uses art, poetry, and research to uncover the social implications of AI.

YOU is where creativity meets innovation. We believe that with the right tools, anyone — not just artists and developers — can be a creator. It’s why we provide easy access to the latest AI technologies for free and for everyone to use.

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Introducing YouImagine.

What is YouImagine by

The new duo of next-gen apps that let you find and create images using AI in unexpected ways. Bring your imagination to life!

App #1: Lexica — AI generated image search engine

Lexica is the easiest way to find inspiring, relevant, high-quality AI images on the web. Simply make a related query on our search engine.

YouImagine search for "floating paradise digital art"

App #2: Stable Diffusion — AI Image Generator

Your words in images. The Stable Diffusion app lets you create AI images using text.

🔍 Go to and search “Stable Diffusion

👓 Locate the Stable Diffusion — AI Image Generator

💬 Explain what you want AI to create (e.g. realistic, oil painting, or pencil drawing). The more detail you enter, the more detailed the image will be! You can even include an artist’s name, like “Picasso.”

🤯 Hit “Generate Stable Diffusion Image” and watch art appear in seconds

🆕 Once the image is generated, you can hit “Generate Stable Diffusion Image” again to see more options.

🖨️ Click to save your image. Feel free to use it in blogs, essays, emails, social media, and more!

YouImagine search for "floating paradise digital art"

What can you do with our apps?

With YouImagine you can generate the AI art of your wildest dreams or find images for your most practical needs. Try generating or searching for the following:

Fun avatars and profile images

Graphics for holiday and birthday cards

Background images and screen savers

Beautiful illustrations for written content

Text by YouWrite!

The library is quiet and empty. A lone student is hunched over a book, her face illuminated by the soft light of a lamp.
She is oblivious to the time, lost in her studies.
The subject, a 25-year-old woman, sits for her portrait. The artist studies her face, trying to capture her essence. She has an oval face and pretty features. She is looking away from the artist, taking in the fresh air. She has a strong spirit, and her expression is somewhere between serious and happy. She wears a navy hat, and the background is a soft blue. The artist works quickly, wanting to capture the woman’s essence before she changes her expression. The portrait is finished, and the woman looks at it with approval. She thanks the artist and leaves.

Recreations of the world’s most famous paintings

Cyborg "Mona Lisa"
"The Last Supper"
Vampire "Girl With a Pearl Earring"
"The Scream"


Using YouImagine and’s AI writer, you can produce some of the most original advertisements out there. Just generate your desired AI image and add a headline.

Example ad created using YouImagine and YouWrite AI writer from

What technology is behind YouImagine?

YouImagine’s Stable Diffusion app runs on’s state-of-the-art open source model. Lexica, one of our first open platform apps, uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to parse’s massive repository of over 5 million AI art images. Our sophisticated ranking system relies on our own data processing to serve you the best-in-class AI images and their corresponding text on a search engine.

Our favorite AI art submissions by YouImagine users

We hope you’ll create your own and tag us using #youimagine.

Keanu Reeves Eating Sushi
Timothée Chalamet as Harry Potter
Timothée Chalamet as Harry Potter in potions class at Hogwarts
Portrait of Zendaya and Tom Holland

What else can you do on is the search engine you control. Our search engine goes beyond web pages with apps that help you find and create better results. With over 200 apps and two modes of operation, you can customize your search experience for utmost productivity. Create art with YouImagine, write essays and code with AI on YouWrite and YouCode, read summarized shopping editorials on our shopping tab, and search 9+ social media apps including Twitter, Reddit, and Quora at once with Social Search. We plan to keep releasing personalized tools to help you search less and do more on the web. Follow along and stay updated on our journey. There’s a lot in store.

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