New AI tools every developer should use in 2022

new ai tools every developer should use in 2022

Disclaimer: This blog post was published prior to’s latest AI advancements and may not reflect our current capabilities. has transformed from a search engine to an AI assistant. With a foundation in search and the team’s AI expertise, was perfectly positioned to enhance LLMs with live access to the Internet to address issues around hallucinations and transparency. As such, is capable of tasks ranging from searching online to writing an essay, debugging code, creating digital art, solving complex problems, and more. Learn more about getting the most out of also offers its core technology through a suite of self-serve APIs. Get complete details about the YOU API.

With our Series A funding, we announced the launch of YouCode, the best search engine for coders. For the first time, coders got a dedicated search engine that combines 20+ of the best coding resources into one.

Dea Bankova Tweet about YouCode search mode
Dea Bankova Tweet about YouCode search mode

What is YouCode?

YouCode is a search engine powered by natural language technology, offering coders more relevant results than Google and other search engines. Summarized content, quick previews, code snippets that you can copy and paste, access to documentation, tutorials, and academic research, as well as tools like JSON validator and color picker — all in one place — all without leaving the search results.

YouCode is a productivity force multiplier that can transform coders’ workflows.

Today we made it even better. We are pleased to present YouCode AI, a brand new suite of code generation apps on YouCode.

What is YouCode AI?

YouCode AI is a suite of code generation apps that utilize AI to perform prompt engineering from plain English. Simply type in the problem you are facing into our search engine and choose a code generation template to customize — no specific app knowledge needed! Each of our apps tackles a hyper-specific coding chore to provide you with a higher level of solutioning and accuracy than general-purpose code generation tools. Due to their specificity, our apps’ ability to help you stay in the flow is unparalleled. Save time (and frustration) searching online, so you can focus on building, not going down the Google rabbit hole of blue links. What’s more, our apps provide a snappy experience that stuns standard open AI. Gone are the days of waiting 20 to 30 seconds for a response from GPT-3 backed code generation APIs. Trigger apps right in your search results and supercharge your productivity!

Which code generation apps are part of YouCode AI?

YouCode AI code generation apps
YouCode AI code generation apps

YouCode AI has code generation apps for every type of coder.

We’ve unveiled a few apps to start but will rapidly release more in the coming weeks. Stay in the flow with apps including:

  • YouCode AI: Huggingface — Facilitates ML modeling with open source code
  • YouCode AI: K8s — Automates, scales, and manages deployment fast
  • YouCode AI: Regex — Finds and completes patterns and strings, taking the chore away from developers
  • YouCode AI: Snippet — The fastest, easiest way to find a snippet of code, without digging through forums or Stack Overflow
  • YouCode AI: Spark — Simplifies large-scale data processing
  • YouCode AI: SQL— Streamlines communication with databases

Building code generation apps strives to make the world’s information useful for you, and with YouCode AI we want to give users inside access into the world’s latest advances in natural language processing. Though we’re a startup without the same capital of the multi-national corporations that often push tech forward, we’ve iterated to make state of the art AI accessible. YouCode AI relies on a multi-billion parameter neural network, extremely specialized software and hardware, and hundreds of gigabytes of memory. To ensure speed, we conducted rigorous performance testing across a number of optimizations. We hope all can learn from the generations brought about by our solution to this demanding technical challenge.

Tweets from Michiel Rauws and Ayyoub Bouazza about the impact of YouCode on coders and developers
Tweets from Michiel Rauws and Ayyoub Bouazza about the impact of YouCode on coders and developers

The Future

At, we hope to build systems that offer opportunities to learn and grow with each other so that future generations will have exciting foundations and tools to push the boundaries of technology. YouCode AI offers just that — a brand new method for saving time while coding and solving difficult technical challenges. We’re just getting started and hope you’ll stay on this journey with us. Expect accessible, inexpensive, and powerful tools to be available to anyone with an internet connection and an interest in coding. Follow us for nifty UX and a world class team working to get tooling to devs straight out of the box. We promise it’ll be fun.

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