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We’ve all been there: you need to cook dinner and you search online for a recipe. You spot something enticing and click on it, only to find yourself scrolling through an endless backstory just to get to the ingredients list and decide it’s not what you want. You repeat this process over and over — and now you’re hangry. You think to yourself, “Why can’t I see a preview of the recipe and not waste all this time?”

That was before — when you were using what’s hopefully that old search engine. 😉

At, we’re all about putting you in control of your time, your sources, and your privacy. You can save time through convenient side panels on the search page that get straight to the point, or in this case, the ingredients.

Think of a side panel as a preview that answers your questions in a neat summary — no more opening several tabs and clicking on a bunch of pages only to lose track of where you were and find yourself wasting time.

banana bread recipes from search engine
banana bread recipes from search engine

So, instead of wading through 1,000-word blog posts the next time you search for a recipe, try searching on You’ll see rows of recipe options organized by sources that include the recipe’s name, image, rating, and cook-time. To see even more, you can simply click “read more,” and a side panel opens featuring the ingredients and instructions.

It doesn’t stop at recipes either. You can access side panels on for many searches, including product reviews (try “best headphones”), how-to directions, grabbing code snippets, or gathering more information for your more academic searches.

See it in action:

To access conveniently, you can install the privacy-preserving Chrome extension. The NEW mobile search and browser app is also available in the iOS App Store.

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Happy searching!