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What are private ads?

what Americans are searching for in post-roe America - a private search engine

How private ads work

Let’s say you are looking for information from about the best Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. Directly below the answer to your chat query, we provide a link to Nike’s website so you can learn more about Air Force 1s and other Nike apparel.

That’s all there is to it! You still get the answers you’re looking for on, and we won’t share any information about your search activity with advertisers.

Standard search ads vs. private search ads

Standard search ads

Private ads on

Sample private ad for best noise cancelling earbuds

Clear ad labeling

Every ad you see in is clearly identified as an “Ad”. When you hover over the “Ad” icon, you can see how the ad relates to your search or chat query.

Why does work with a private ad process?

While many AI assistant companies charge users for product access, generates revenue from displaying a private ad to users. This enables us to keep free for our users, and supports the improvement and expansion of our technology so we can provide the best AI search experience. Our dedication to user privacy also ensures that our private ad partners adhere to our privacy values.

Private ads protect our users’ personal information while offering helpful content and helping them solve their search needs unlike traditional online advertising which tracks users’ online activity and collects and sells their data to advertisers, often without their consent or knowledge. lets you take back control of your privacy online

Microsoft Ads in

We use various information sources to provide you with an optimal search experience, and we’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer advertising that’s not only relevant to your current search, but also protects your privacy. We do not share any personal identifiers with your search terms used to retrieve ads, and we also proxy all ad-related requests to Microsoft.

When you click on a Microsoft-powered ad, Microsoft Advertising redirects you to the advertiser’s website. Microsoft Advertising’s fraud detection system may use your IP address and user-agent string only to prevent against fraudulent activity. When you leave, you are subject to other sites’ policies, including their data collection practices.