The new UI on has arrived — Here’s how to get started unveils its new UI, making AI interactions more intuitive and user-friendly.

Welcome to the new, the AI Assistant that makes you more productive, creative, and extraordinary.

As you log into your account today, you’ll be greeted with a new UI— an intuitive and friendly chat-first interface that makes interacting with AI fun and easy.

Whether you’re diving in for the first time or need a quick refresher, here’s your guide to navigating the enhanced experience.

AI Modes

Discover our powerful AI modes — featuring Smart, Genius, Research, and Create — that do the prompt engineering for you, making finding the best answers quickly, visualizing information, and creating content and stunning images effortless.

To get started, select a mode and insert your query or prompt. The selected mode will be highlighted, visually confirming your current mode and customizing the chat experience to suit your task at hand.

Here are our existing modes:

Smart Mode: Ideal for quick tasks, answers to questions, content generation, and real-time information.

Genius Mode: Perfect for complex, multi-step challenges, including Python code execution and data visualization, plus the ability to upload and chat with files (PDFs, text, images).

Research Mode: Geared toward analysis, comparisons, and topic exploration. It can take a single prompt and execute multiple searches with a step-by-step breakdown, search and summarize over ten web pages simultaneously, and provide a “quick” answer followed by a comprehensive response that integrates text and images and provides credible citations with links.

Create Mode: Transform any idea or question into stunning AI art in any style.

GPT-4: Chat with the full feature set of GPT-4 enhanced with live web results from

Chat History & Settings

  • Chat History: Access your past AI chats, resume your conversations, or delete transcripts in our new sidebar display located on the left. Click “+ New Chat” to start a new conversation. Select a chat to share a transcript. Click the Chat History Toggle to show or hide the sidebar.
  • Settings: The settings menu has migrated. Previously located on the right, all your settings preferences are now conveniently accessible beside your avatar. By clicking on the three horizontal dots, commonly known as the “more options” button, you can:
    • Change Appearance: Switch between Light or Dark Mode to match your preference.
    • Enter Private Mode: Activate Private Mode for enhanced privacy.
    • Adjust Safe Search: Customize your Safe Search settings with options like Off (Uncensored Chat powered by Zephyr), Moderate, or Strict to control the visibility of sensitive content.
    • Set Region: Specify your region for localized results and content.
    • Select Recency: Choose how recent you want the search results to be, which can range from the most current to older, more established content.
    • Personalization: Set the Personalization settings to tailor the AI results to your unique preferences.
    • Access YouApps: Quickly find and use legacy products such as YouWrite, YouImagine, YouEnhance, and YouSearch, all housed under “YouApps” for your convenience.
    • Join Community: Connect with other users and the team by joining our community Discord channel to get support or share feedback.

Web Results

While we’ve embraced a chat-first approach, we also still have those search experiences that our users know and love.

  • YouSearch: Now accessible under YouApps in the Settings menu. Click the settings icon next to your avatar and choose “YouSearch” to search the web.
  • Web Results in Chat: Our AI Modes Smart, Research, and GPT-4 are enhanced with our live web results and citations. You can also access web results directly by simply clicking the globe with the magnifying glass icon in the upper right to see web results from your prompt alongside your chat.

Try the New YOU

We invite you to explore to try the new and tell us what you think. Your insights and feedback fuel our continuous innovation. Be sure to join our Discord community to connect directly with the team and other users.

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