Unlock the Most Customizable Browsing Experience Ever with You.com for Vivaldi

Disclaimer: This blog post was published prior to You.com’s latest AI advancements and may not reflect our current capabilities. You.com has transformed from a search engine to an AI assistant. With a foundation in search and the team’s AI expertise, You.com was perfectly positioned to enhance LLMs with live access to the Internet to address issues around hallucinations and transparency. As such, You.com is capable of tasks ranging from searching online to writing an essay, debugging code, creating digital art, solving complex problems, and more. Learn more about getting the most out of You.com.

You.com also offers its core technology through a suite of self-serve APIs. Get complete details about the YOU API.

In December 2022, we introduced YouChat, an AI Search Assistant that allows you to find answers to complex questions and unlock functionality never seen before in a search engine. It stays up-to-date with the news, cites its sources, and can replace traditional search engines — and users are loving it!

you plus Vivaldi browsing experience
you plus Vivaldi browsing experience

Today we are excited to announce our new partnership with Vivaldi, an innovative browser with unrivaled customization options and built-in features for performance, productivity, and privacy. Vivaldi’s newest version comes equipped with You.com to provide users with unparalleled customization, user choice, and control over their internet experience.

Why you need a customizable browser

Traditional search engines and browsers monopolize access to information online, stifling competition and infringing on user privacy often without our knowledge. It’s time for an upgrade.

With access to customization features, users can unlock more of the web and take advantage of private browsing without fear that corporations will profit off of their data. Browsers and search engines like Vivaldi and You.com provide just that.

Vivaldi is a browser with almost unlimited customization

Vivaldi is a flexible, robust, secure, and lightning-fast browser with an unmatched level of customization and privacy. Without sacrificing performance or security, Vivaldi users can tweak every square inch of their browser with advanced tools including:

  • Tab Management — tabs can be arranged into groups, dragged to a side, pinned in place
  • – Split Screen — view tabs side by side, and place your favorite sites in the sidebar
  • – Themes — choose from existing templates or create your own
  • – Menus — customize your main and right-click menus, and personalize them with emojis
  • – Quick Commands — extensive commands to speed up your browsing plus you can create your own command shortcuts
  • – Trackers and ad blockers — built-in, privacy by default, no need to download additional extensions

Freedom to choose a search engine

The ability to choose your default search engine is perhaps Vivaldi’s most powerful customization feature. You can use these search engines on desktop, Android, and Android Automotive OS. However, using standard privacy-focused engines involves a trade-off — while they allow for privacy, users lose personalization benefits and tailored search results.

You.com and Vivaldi combo gives you ultimate control over your browsing experience.

You.com is Vivaldi’s only default search engine that allows users to both take back control of their privacy online and tap into a customizable search experience.

You.com offers two complementary modes of operation: private mode and personal mode. They reinforce each other to give you the most action-oriented search engine on the planet. When you’d like an entirely private experience, use our private mode. There’s no data collection or sharing. When looking for a customizable search experience, use our privacy-first personal mode. We collect a minimal amount of data to improve the product and give you a personalized experience. We don’t share that data with anyone.

In personal mode, you also have the option to rank the sources you trust and customize which apps you want to see more results from.

Customize by ranking sources you trust most
Customize by ranking sources you trust most

Search Apps for Getting Things Done

You can think of apps on You.com as web extensions that help you do more better and faster. Some of 200+ apps focus on a category or theme: shopping, images, news, videos, crypto, etc. Other apps summarize large bodies of data to provide the most important information in a skimmable way. Want to see the discussion on Reddit around a topic you care about, but don’t want to sift through post after post? Use our Reddit app and get to the gist fast.

Our power apps like YouCode AIStable Diffusion, and YouWrite allow you to code, draw and write using AI. By ranking these apps, you teach our search engine about what you care about. Use them to learn new skills, discover solutions, create new content, and get inspired.

A new ‘For Me’ feature even allows you to access and curate suites of apps into custom search engines and conduct specialized searches based on your interests.

for me feature to access and curate suites of apps into custom search engines
for me feature to access and curate suites of apps into custom search engines

How to change your default search engine on Vivaldi

Ready to use You.com? Here’s how you can change default your search engine on Vivaldi:

Option 1

  1. Go to Settings > Search > Default Search Engine.
  2. Select You.com from the dropdown menu.

Option 2

  1. Go to Settings > Search > Search Engines.
  2. Select You.com.
  3. Tick the box for Set as Default Search.

We hope you’ll join You.com and Vivaldi on our mission to give users control over their search and privacy. Download Vivaldi here and set You.com as your default search engine to experience a better web with unmatched control, speed, personalization, and privacy.

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