Welcome to You⚡Pro!

Here’s how to get the most out of your subscription instantly. 



Get the most detailed & accurate answers powered by GPT-4.

Go to you.com, toggle the "GPT-4" button to turn it on, and start typing in your search bar.



Generate royalty-free, photorealistic images for just about any purpose.

On you.com, type "@imagine" and then detail a description of what images you want to generate directly in your search bar.



Converse with you.com like you would with a human.

Go to you.com, ask a question, then follow up with more details to continue the conversation.



Develop original content using specific styles & tones.

Go to the search bar on you.com and type "@write". Select the style, tone, and purpose, then click "Write New" to finalize.


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Join YouClub, our exclusive Discord community to share feedback with other you.com users.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you offer an educational discount?


    YouPro for education is available for students, teachers, and administrators with a valid school email.

    Want your school’s email added to the list? Fill out the form here, or contact us at [email protected]

  • What is YouPro?

    YouPro is the AI tool suite to rule them all. It features unlimited access to our most advanced AI models including YouChat, YouImagine, and YouWrite. Subscribers will gain access to our latest models as soon as they come out including GPT-4-powered YouChat and Stable Diffusion XL for generating AI art and images. See the full feature list below for more information on the offer. 

  • What features are included in YouPro?
    • - Unlimited AI chat searches (GPT-4)*
    • - Unlimited AI image generations
    • - Unlimited AI writing generations
    • - Priority AI chat uptime, always
    • - Early access to APIs & new models
    • - Personalized machine learning
    • - Manage your chat history

    ⚡ Powered by the latest generative AI models for search, writing, and design (in blue text)

    • - Powerful AI chat comprehension, summarization, citations with GPT-4
    • - Faster and photorealistic images with Stable Diffusion X

    You can find the full feature list here and read our YouPro Features article for more information.

    *Generation speed or quality on AI image and writing generations may vary when exceeding 1,000 generations per month.

  • How does the refer-a-friend program work?

    Current, active subscribers of YouPro get a special coupon code: https://you.com/profile/referrals.

    This special code can be given to friends and when used on checkout, both the user who gave the coupon and the user who used the coupon get one month free of YouPro. For the user who just subscribed, this will be a discount from the first time they are charged, typically the first month. For the referrer, they will see the discount referenced in their profile, and the discount will be credited from their invoice the next time they are billed. 

    Here is an example:

    • I'm subscribed to a yearly plan, and I refer a friend with my coupon code.
    • My friend subscribes to a monthly plan with my code, and gets the first month free (they still pay taxes).
    • The next time my annual subscription is up for renewal, one month will be discounted from my renewal.

    If you have any questions, let us know at [email protected].

  • Is YouPro available in my country?

    YouPro is available for purchase globally starting June 21, 2023. Currently, YouPro is unavailable for purchase in the following countries: India, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. However, You.com will inform all of our users when YouPro becomes available in those countries. 

  • Can you show me the difference between a You.com chat using GPT-4 and a You.com chat using previous GPT technology?

    You can see visual differences in standard chats or GPT-4 chats here.

  • How much is YouPro?

    YouPro is $14.99/month for single month plans and $12.49/month ($149.99/year) for annual subscriptions.

  • How can I get a discounted rate?

    There are many ways to get a discounted rate. 

    The easiest way is to find a coupon code by asking users in the YouClub community. (All current subscribers get a special code.)

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about my subscription (technical issues, billing, new feature requests, etc.)?

    YouPro subscribers can contact us at [email protected], and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

  • How will this impact my YouWrite and YouImagine subscriptions?

    No disruption or changes will occur to existing subscribers of YouWrite and YouImagine. Existing subscribers of YouWrite and/or YouImagine will continue to have access to the products. After June 21st, new subscribers to YouWrite and YouImagine must access those products through a YouPro subscription.

  • How do I cancel my YouPro subscription?

    When you cancel your YouPro subscription, you will continue to have access to YouPro until the end of the current billing period. By canceling, you are opting out of the auto-renewal payment system. It's important to note that canceling will not result in a refund of any remaining balance. Users can manage their subscriptions in their user settings.

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