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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is YouChat?

    YouChat is an AI-powered conversational search assistant developed by You.com that utilizes a language model developed by You.com. It’s designed to provide natural-sounding accurate explanations, cited sources, and interactive apps on various topics. The AI can answer general questions, explain things, suggest ideas, translate, summarize text, compose emails, and write code for you. It is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing you to have human-like conversations.

    To start using YouChat, simply sign up for an account.   

  • What technology is YouChat built on?

    YouChat is built off of the combination of existing large language models and our in-house technology. 

  • How does YouChat work?

    YouChat is an AI that utilizes machine learning to understand user intent and query and assist with a wide range of tasks, provide in-depth explanations and discussions on a wide range of topics. It is available on every search and free to use. Simply type a question or request into the box and watch as the bot replies. To improve the accuracy of responses, you may utilize prompts that give bot more context to what you are trying to accomplish. Some general tips include:

    • Use precise and clear prompts
    • Avoid long sentences with multiple subpoints, use short and easy-to-understand sentences instead
    • Ask specific questions and explain the context of the question to generate better responses
    • Be mindful of word choice in prompts, use easy-to-understand words and avoid jargon or slang
    • Avoid asking questions with yes/no answers or very general questions, try to ask more specific questions. 
  • What are prompts and how will prompts help me get more accurate results?

    Prompts are short text pieces that help guide a language model to generate more accurate and relevant responses. By providing a prompt, you can focus YouChat on a specific topic and reduce the likelihood of getting irrelevant or nonsensical results. Longer, more creative prompts can help you get more accurate results by providing the language model with context to work with and by narrowing down the range of possible responses. 

  • How much does YouChat cost?

    YouChat is currently free! We’re working on improving our chat functionality to create the best AI chat platform possible. Start by creating a You.com account to unlock the full potential of the chatbot's capabilities. You can also help spread the word by sharing it with a friend. Additionally, you can screenshot your favorite responses and chats on social media and tag us @YouSearchEngine with the hashtag #youchat.

  • What if I notice errors in YouChat responses?

    Since YouChat is constantly learning from huge amounts of online information, it may sometimes get some answers wrong. The You.com AI is always improving, so it is considered “in beta” for the time being. Use 👍👎 to provide feedback about responses and help us improve the model.  

  • How does YouChat differ from AI chat platforms like ChatGPT?

    YouChat is different from AI chat platforms like ChatGPT in a few ways. To start, YouChat is powered by You.com and incorporates large language models and YouApps (custom applications) that provide multimodal results such as video, image, or chart. Second, YouChat cites sources of information that you can verify by clicking on the citation link. Third, YouChat has up-to-date information from the Internet, so you can get the most accurate information from today’s web results. 

  • How can I get the most out of YouChat?

    To get the most out of YouChat, it is important to be specific (and creative!) when asking questions and to provide relevant context. When switching context, it also helps to start a completely new search rather than continuously prompt YouChat with unrelated context (remember it works based on the previous context you provided). This will help YouChat focus on the task and provide more accurate and relevant responses. Additionally, YouChat can be used to generate text for a wide range of topics, so it can be useful to provide prompts or give it instructions on what kind of text to generate. Finally, since YouChat is constantly learning, it is important to provide feedback on the responses it provides to help it become smarter and more useful. Use 👍👎 to provide feedback about responses and help us improve the model.  

  • Who can I reach out to if I am experiencing problems or would like to provide feedback?

    You can send us an email at [email protected], Join our Slack community or submit a request.

  • What are some of the best questions I can ask in YouChat?

    Every chat is unique to you! While some of our most frequently-used topics on YouChat have been food, cooking, art, and web development, you can use YouChat for whatever topics interest you the most. Some sample questions you can try include:

    • What do you think about [topic]?
    • What is the most important thing to you in [topic]?
    • What do you think are the biggest challenges or opportunities in [topic]?
    • How do you approach [topic]?
    • What have you learned from your experience with [topic]?
    • What do you think is the best way to solve [problem]?
    • What advice would you give to someone just starting out with [topic]?
    • What are your thoughts on [topic]?
    • What do you think will be the future of [topic]?
    • What do you wish more people knew about [topic]? 
  • Is there a mobile app for YouChat?

    There is! Simply download the You.com iOS app or Android app to access YouChat directly from your mobile device. 

  • How can I make YouChat my default search experience?

    YouChat is part of the You.com search engine. Here are complete instructions to make You.com (with YouChat) your default search engine for your preferred web browser. 

  • Does YouChat track users’ personal information from Chrome extensions?

    The You.com Chrome extension, including the YouChat feature, does not save passwords or browsing history. This extension is open-source and can be found on GitHub. You can check lines 41-44 in the manifest page to confirm that the extension does not have permission to access any personal data. Additionally, the Chrome developer page lists the permissions used by the extension, none of which allow tracking of personal data. 

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