We are part technology,
part science,
and 100% human.

We aim to make the internet a place where trust, facts, and kindness thrive.
It’s an audacious goal, but we’re ambitious people.
Welcome to you.com — the search engine built for you.

The right to choose your sources.

Customize your search to fit your needs by selecting the sources you care about. Upvote or downvote them to change the order of the results.

Save time

The new easy-to-read format allows you to scroll vertically and horizontally to see more results on one page, saving you time so you can cover more ground with fewer clicks and search queries.

Your privacy, your choice.

Private mode enables you to search with zero data collection. Personal mode helps you search all your preferred source at once.

In either mode, we don’t track you or sell your data to advertisers.

richard socher, ceo

Let's Build A Better Internet Together!

Richard Socher, former Chief Scientist at Salesforce and a Stanford Ph.D., together with Bryan McCann, a philosopher and scientist who led natural language processing teams at Salesforce — set out to solve one of the internet’s most difficult problems: search.

Their solution — to create You.com, a search engine that empowers users and gives them control of their sources, privacy, and saves them time.

They believe search — specifically helping people explore and summarize information on the internet —  is the most important application of their expertise in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning.

You.com team consists of engineers, scientists, and designers working hard to deliver a whole new search experience for the community of passionate YOusers.





Our Values


Trust in your search

Right now, the internet is not a place of trust. With You.com your search results are powered by your choice, not by the highest bidder.


Passion for facts

Differing opinions and diverse thought help us become smarter and more attuned to new points of view. Our work is focused on offering a myriad of sources so you can form your own opinion.


You Are Not The Product

We've built you for people to search the internet how they want to, from sources they trust, and for their privacy to be sacred. We will never track you, or sell your data. You're welcome to use our service for free. We purposefully serve up different sources and outlooks to promote empathy and explore nuance.


Get What You Want

Search doesn’t have to be just one thing, nor does it have to have one flat business model that makes the customer pay with their privacy and time. We get you where you want to go: fast so you can search less and find more.


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what people say

Wall Of Love

Jen Zhu

My new search engine you.com is making me smarter Brain and more efficient:
– Save time
– Deeper search results
– UI that makes sense – privacy preserving – no ads!!!


Out of the box delivery of results. Clutters the unwanted results. Delivers what’s needed. Must try!

Sidharth Anand

One of the great thing about
is that it massively reduces our time spent on search engines to get that perfect dose of information for our knowledge diet.

Sam Barton

Smoothest switch to a new search engine I’ve had yet.

Hussein Lezzaik

Been playing around with for a while when searching for bugs, and I have to say it made my life much easier. Maybe it’s about time we start to see a change in how we access information on the internet.


First time I didn’t get a good result from Google but came to the rescue, the hype is real 🙂

Ready to Search?

Enjoy a new search experience without changing your standards.