Becomes Warmest, Most Approachable AI Assistant with Rebrand

Everyone’s aware of the power of AI and how it benefits us at work and in our personal lives, but the majority of people view the technology and the companies that lead it as cold and intimidating. Because of this, they avoid it altogether and miss out on what others are gaining from it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We want to prove that AI is for everyone by becoming the warmest, most approachable option on the market. And you know who the loveliest, most welcoming person we know is? Our Grammy down south.

Which is why we’re announcing today that we’re rebranding from YOU to Y’ALL , in honor of Grammy, who always knows best and is there with unwavering support.

Who’s always there to get you out of a bind? Grammy.

Who’s always there with sage advice and a good story to back it up? Grammy.

Who can fix anything with her sewing kit, a good talking-to, or a fresh pitcher of sweet tea? Grammy.

In an upcoming release, all of our amazing answers will begin sounding like Grammy spoke them to you. Nothing can out-sweet Southern Charm. Try out the idea ahead of time here.

We know you could go anywhere, but why not be where you’re most welcomed?

Thanks, Y’all