integrates — an All-in-One savings platform — into its search engine to provide users with the best online shopping experience possible and integration and integration

Open Platform

This year we announced a new initiative called “Open Search Platform,” a turnkey safe, and secure platform enabling third-party companies and developers to add their own sources, also known as “apps,” to These apps appear within relevant search queries and can be liked and disliked to create a customized search experience. This allows companies to meet users on the exact intent of their search, instead of paying Google millions of dollars in ads just to appear on the search page.

At, we believe that every user should have access to the state-of-the art customizable search, summarization and privacy. The Open Search Platform supports that vision by bringing together a wealth of enriched content in one place and gives users access to useful apps, not blue links.

We’ve launched 4 apps already with more on the way and hundreds of applications in the queue.

Our 5th Open Platform app launched this week with, an all-in-one savings platform.


One of the main uses of the internet, especially since the pandemic, is online shopping. Online shopping has become the norm — now well over 70% of adult Americans frequently shop online. The partnership between and 
allows users to shop directly from search while getting the best price, coupons, and cash-back rewards, without the fear of being tracked or followed around the internet with ads or concerns about their data being shared. Shopping results are found in the shopping tab, providing for a more focused search than on traditional search engines where ads are frequently mixed in with general results.

What is is an all-in-one savings platform that uses AI technology to provide the most efficient and cost-friendly shopping options to users. With over 15,000 merchants and 1 billion products, goes through every platform to show price comparisons, cash back options, coupons, and price history to allow shoppers to purchase an item with good conscience.

With our values being — trust, facts, and user success, it was a natural choice to collaborate with

Consumers face many challenges in the current environment, including inflation and other issues straining their budgets. We make it easier than ever to maximize savings through our All-in-One savings platform. Allowing shoppers to discover the best prices directly on is amazing.
– RJ Jain, Founder & CEO of

High-quality visual search results on combined with amazing deals from perfectly intertwine to create the best online shopping experience, all while letting consumers shop without the fear of being tracked all over the internet.

high quality visual search results for coffee makers on
high quality visual search results for coffee makers on

What is

Whether using’s browser extension, website, app, or direct search results from, users can shop online comfortably, knowing they are getting the best deals. From, simply shop by type, brand, or keyword. Results are grouped by category. The Shopping tab is located on the left side.’s results show:

  • – Product image
  • – Product name
  • – Best price
  • – The number of stores this item is available at
  • – If cashback and coupons are available

Clicking the item takes you to’s product details and provides all your shopping options.

About is the search engine you control — Your sources. Your time. Your privacy. Founded by some of the top researchers in natural language processing, gives its users control over their search experience through the personalization of more than 200 apps that show up alongside the web results, as well as the option of a zero-trace private mode in just one click where no data is stored. never sells users’ data or follows users around the web, and will only work with private ads.

About Open Platform

If you’re a developer interested in integrating your app into, visit to learn more. It’s an open platform with an open invitation. Build with us and make search better for all.

Want a faster, personalized, and private search engine? Download the extension today and take back control of your search, one app at a time. Find the extension on ChromeFirefoxSafari or Microsoft Edge.

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