brings its AI chat assistant to WhatsApp to solve everyday needs on the go.

Now anyone can have their own AI personal assistant

Why surf the web for answers when you can text your own AI assistant to get them on demand?

In an age where information is abundant and often overwhelming, isn’t just another search engine — it’s an AI personal assistant that helps you tackle your everyday tasks on the go. And it’s tailored to your needs.

– Need a recipe made vegan? YOU can get it done.

– Struggling to finalize an email for work? YOU can get it done.

– Want to craft a thoughtful and well-cited essay? YOU can get it done.

– Need to fix broken code? YOU can get it done.

With, it’s all about empowering you to accomplish everyday tasks effortlessly, even when you’re on the move.

Whether you’re looking for answers to questions, solutions to a complex task, or just to satisfy your curiosity, is here to help you get more done. And now, achieving goals on the go has never been easier with on WhatsApp. So you can get it all done by text, wherever you are!

Add +1 585-496-8266 (or, in a fun twist, +1 585 4 YOU COM) to your WhatsApp contacts. Alternatively, scan the QR code below.

How does it work? Text your question (in your preferred language) to receive instantaneous answers from, complete with credible sources and web links. It’s convenient, fast, and completely free!

Meeting YOU wherever you are

As the founder and CEO of, Richard Socher, put it, “Our goal is to build the most useful chat search engine.” The mission is clear: make it accessible to as many people around the globe as possible and seamlessly integrate it into the apps you love, like WhatsApp.

“WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the LATAM region, which is also where we have seen a lot of growth. Now users worldwide, particularly our wonderful LATAM community, can search without switching apps. We’re just a message away,” added Richard.

Whether on your desktop or mobile, is ready to assist:

WhatsApp: Dive into the future with a text to +1 585-496-8266 (+1 585 4 YOU COM).

Web and Mobile: Experience AI chat and search or download the iOS and Android apps.

Stay in the loop with’s latest updates by joining our active Discord community. Engage with us on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Visit today, and redefine your search experience with unlimited AI chat and search for free.

Remember, wherever you are and whatever your question or curiosity might be, YOU can get it done—with

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