Opens Its Search Platform To Build the Next Generation of Search

San Francisco, Calif., December 15, 2022 —®, the search engine taking on Google, is announcing an Open Platform for Search. External developers and organizations can now build their own Search Apps for the search results page and reach its well over 1 million actively searching users now. has grown over 400% in the last 6 months. This is the next step in’s evolution, which is designed to empower users to take back control of their search experience—saving users time and giving them the ability to customize their information diet, search results and privacy settings.

Traditional search engines such as Google monopolize access to information online, stifling competition and engaging in illegal anti-trust practices to prevent competition. Google’s results worsened over time due to a massive amount of ads and SEO’d content. To avoid such a situation, allows users to control the apps and sources of information with the ability to “like”, “dislike”, pin, or block them inside the ranked results.

Search apps for Getting Things Done

Search Apps are custom applications built right on top of Each one of the already existing 200+ first-party apps on adds functionality to the core search engine that allows users to find summarized information or to complete a task without having to leave the results page. Some of the apps are well known, like a weather forecast app. Other apps include useful summaries across large forums such as Reddit, StackOverflow, GitHub, or recipes enabling quick skimming and faster answers to coding problems, discussions, or ingredients.

One group of apps has never been seen inside traditional search engines: AI-powered Apps, using technology that enables users to generate text (YouWrite), code (YouCode), or images (YouImagine) from plain English — all within the search results page. These apps push the very definition of what a search engine is and how much it may help users accomplish their goals.

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In July 2022, raised its Series A raise, launched YouCode and started work on opening up its search engine platform. has onboarded 15 apps from external developers, with 130 more underway. Developers utilized’s Open Platform for Search turnkey technology that requires minimal coding and enables easy scalability. After submission, there are security, speed and privacy approvals for apps. Once an app is approved, it runs directly within the search engine.’s AI ranks the apps for users, but users can also change this ranking and even entirely block apps. Some Search Apps generate revenue for its developers and via an affiliate model. Revenue does not influence the ranking.

Developers can choose from a flexible set of UI components to construct an app that is most suitable for their domain and data. These UI components are optimized for the algorithm that ranks and displays an app in search results when it’s the most relevant to the user and when they’re most likely to engage.

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Developers can review their past submissions, and update or resubmit an app via a dashboard.

A look inside your apps in the developer dashboard

“We are excited to provide open access to our platform, empowering others to build innovative, high-quality Apps for users to do more, better and faster. Gone are the days when one monolith controls what we see online and sells our data while making trillions of dollars and hoarding the profit for themselves. With, everyone wins: users are in control and get a better product tailored to their needs, while developers get exposure and revenue for their work,” said Richard Socher, CEO and co-founder of

The Latest Open Platform Partner Apps

By opening up its platform to external developers and companies, elevates the search experience even further by allowing partners to add their own useful search tools for users:

  • Looria utilizes AI technology to find, aggregate, and summarize 1000s of organic product reviews and prices to enable consumers to make the best shopping decisions.
  • Lexica, a search engine for AI images that show up when users search for an image using the latest AI generative technology and features a database of over 5 million AI images.
  • YouImagine uses a new AI algorithm called Stable Diffusion to let users generate any image they can imagine, right within the search results.
  • ListenNotes, a podcast search engine that shows notes and audio transcripts by people, places, or topics from the most comprehensive podcast database online.
  • is an all-in-one savings platform that uses AI to helps users maximize their savings through comparison shopping, exclusive coupons, and competitive cash-back offerings from over 4,500 merchants and over 15,000 stores.
  • Unstoppable Domains – helps users find the perfect .crypto domain that fits their blockchain project. Domain ownership is for life – no renewal fees, gas fees, or hosting fees.

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The Latest Open Platform Partner Apps

To start building apps on, check out, and, and share your ideas with the team at

YouCode continues leading innoviation in the search for developers

YouCode saves developers time on almost every query—aggregating 20+ of the most commonly used tools, including Stack Overflow, GitHub, PyTorch, Hugging Face, PyPi, AWS, MDN, JSON formatter, AI-powered code completion, & more. When compared to Google in a recent independent study by Surge AI, YouCode saved developers >20 seconds on each search for coding queries, and it performed particularly well on troubleshooting and debugging queries (over 90% better than Google). Several new features that speed up coding search use YouCode AI Apps, each of which generates code from plain English commands:

  • Regex — Writes regular expressions to match patterns and strings
  • Huggingface — Writes AI and machine learning code using the best open-source models
  • Code Translate – Translates code from one programming language to another
  • SQL— Writes SQL to streamlines communication with databases
  • K8s — Writes code to automate, scale, and manage Kubernetes deployments
  • Spark — Writes code to simplify large-scale data processing

YouCode has also added a new Snippets feature. It extracts the best code snippets from the most trustworthy coding resources and forums and then shows it above all other search results for the fastest experience possible.

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About® is the search engine that you control – your choices, your time, and your privacy. We combine the power of users’ choices with artificial intelligence and natural language processing to enable people to get back control over their information diet – without the manipulation of big ad tech from past eras of the web. The platform is extensible and developers can build apps that run within the results pages. was founded by Richard Socher, former Chief Scientist at Salesforce and the fourth most-cited researcher in natural language processing, and Bryan McCann, who led natural language processing teams at Salesforce. The company is backed by Marc Benioff, Jim Breyer, Radical Ventures, Day One Ventures, and others.