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The Ambassador Program

Are you an AI enthusiast looking to connect with others and shape the future of technology? Look no further than the Ambassador Program!

Founded in 2020 by top AI research scientists Richard Socher and Bryan McCann, has transformed the world of online search.

Now, they’re inviting you to join this movement through the Ambassador Program.

The journey of

The team at got to work in the late summer of 2020, and by November 9, 2021, had made its public beta debut. Since then, they have introduced groundbreaking tools such as a code completion feature, an AI writing assistant called YouWrite, copyright-free image generation tool YouImagine, and the first AI chatbot specifically engineered for search, YouChat. The latest addition to their suite of tools is YouPro, a supercharged AI chatbot that can search the web, chat, code, write, and create images.

What is the Ambassador Program?

As a ambassador, you’ll represent the company and its values to the community and beyond. This mutually beneficial program offers various benefits in exchange for your representation.

Benefits of becoming an ambassador

  1. VIP Access to Ambassadors have exclusive first-class access to all new features and exciting projects. puts the power of decision-making in your hands, allowing you to influence their mission.
  2. Connect with Other AI Enthusiasts: provides ambassadors with private spaces to unite and create with each other. With private events, one-on-ones with the team, and a special discord channel, you become a notable member of the community.
  3. Become a Thought Leader: aims to inspire a movement, and as an ambassador, you’ll be a leader in this community, actively engaging with others and leading advancements in AI.
  4. Notoriety: Ambassadors are featured on the website and have the opportunity to showcase their personal stories and projects in the company’s newsletter.
  5. Exclusive Merch: Ambassadors receive limited edition personalized merchandise that no one else can access!

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Roles and responsibilities

As an ambassador, you can mix and match your role by participating in various ambassador activities. You’ll be required to accumulate at least 15 points per quarter by completing a blend of tasks, giving you agency in what you choose to complete.

Join today

The Ambassador Program is more than just a title. It’s an opportunity to step into the exciting world of AI, connect with like-minded enthusiasts, help train others, and shape the future of technology.

So why wait? Apply now and become a part of the AI movement with!

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